About Steer ClearWheel

Fig. 1 Front of SteerClear Wheel
Fig. 1 Front of SteerClear Wheel

The SteerClear Wheel offers advanced safety, navigation and smart city features through an intuitive interface that anyone can understand.

The SteerClear Wheel features a transparent driver-facing layer, embedded color changing lights, tactile vibrations, a display and biometric sensor. The vibrations and lights indicate when to turn, slow, stop and go with colors as well as directional sensations that any driver can understand.

The market for the SteerClear Wheel is huge and there is nothing else like it on the market, today.


The People Behind the SteerClear Wheel

The SteerClear Wheel is a new invention by Lynn Walford who has been involved in breaking technology since the early nineties. She is the editor of AUTO Connected Car News and frequently consults with connected car industry insiders including new automakers and Detroit mainstays. Her credits include GET Creative USA Today/Gannett, GearBrain, Motor Matters, Cars.com, Yahoo Autos, Informa Connected Cars,  Automotive IT News, and international publications.

She invented the SteerClear Wheel in response to her own problem of not being able to see the instrument cluster in many cars she test drives, rents and previously owned. She is concerned about the over stimulation of drivers by too much information in vehicles and devised a way to a simple intuitive device to bring driving safety into the hands of drivers.

Her creative insight has been deployed through multiple technology innovators. She has been responsible for several successful tech startups.

Ms. Walford has tested many advanced driving technologies including autonomous driving.

U.S. Patent Pending # 62/339,170.

Board of Directors of the SteerClear Wheel Project:

Stacey Jeffrey PhD. Dr. Jeffrey is an expert in quantum computers and algorithm frameworks. She most recently developed breaking research at the California Institute of Technology in the  Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM) and also worked on projects with the University of California Berkeley.  She serves on several committees within the Quantum Computing community.

Mortiz Ernst PhD. Dr. Ernst is a business intelligence analyst. He created a data visualization tool that led to a pricing strategy valued at $14 million additional profit, loosing minimal sales for a company that has been traditionally ranked as the number one company in its field. Starting in 2017 he will be managing data and pricing for the world leader in online booking accommodations.

Jim Loving (SEMA Member)- Mr. Loving was an executive at Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Upon retirement he started an aftermarket company that caters to Porsche enthusiasts. He is active in the luxury sports car community, including Porsche and Ferrari. He is the inventor of the DREAM1 exhaust component for Porsche Boxsters and Caymans that is marketed internationally via a website and print media. The manifold enhancement device provides a deeper mellower sound, quicker acceleration, better gas mileage, and modest increase in performance at a reasonable price.

Naz Usnami – Mr. Usnami is the vice president of sales for a Silicon Valley chip provider and has worked with numerous technology startups, bringing them to international markets.