AutoMobilty LA Meetings & Feedback

SteerClear Wheel founder, Lynn Walford and board member Stacey Jeffery PhD took meetings with startup consultants, major OEM suppliers and technology firms at AutoMobility LA. The consensus from those we talked to that the SteerClear Wheel is a great idea, especially since it uses neural teaching to get the driver to trust technology. An engineer, … Read more

Elevator Pitch SteerClear Wheel

The SteerClear Wheel is transparent safety through sensation, light and color. It grabs the attention of the driver faster than audio alerts because the nerves in your fingertips perform neural computations like your brain. The SteerClear Wheel acts as a training wheel for advance safety features including autonomous driving. I developed the SteerClear Wheel because … Read more

The SteerClear Wheel and Evasive Steering Assist

Ford announced today a feature called “evasive steering assist.” This new technology¬† can help drivers steer around stopped or slower vehicles to help avoid collisions. Designed to operate at city and highway speeds, it uses radar and a camera to detect slower-moving and stationary vehicles ahead, and provides steering support to enable drivers to avoid … Read more

SteerClear Wheel’s Learning Curve

When there is curve up head with that the driver doesn’t know about it, the SteerClear Wheel warns the driver of that there’s a turn a head by slow pluses in the wheel warning the driver that turn is up ahead. The SteeClear Wheel provides the learning curve necessary for drivers to learn how their … Read more

How SteerClear Wheel works with V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure)

Today, Audi announced that it will be the first automaker to offer V2I services by showing how long traffic light will stay red before it turns green. Audi says it will be the first step towards connected cars communicating to city infrastructure. Where is the information about when the light will change shown? In the … Read more