ADAS Features and the SteerClear Wheel

parkassist1-CC-21176There are many new ADAS warnings that can be  communicated through the SteerClear Wheel.

In the our briefing of specifications we show how lane departure  and forward collision warnings work with the SteerClear wheel.  There are more possible ADAS warnings that can alert drivers through the SteerClear Wheel

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert or Rear Cross Pass (RCP) detection  – along with the audio warnings and visual warnings in the side mirrors, the SteerClear Wheel will glow yellow and then red on the side of the vehicles where there is a rear cross traffic alert. There will also be a stopping vibration.


Rear Park Assist Stop Notification – If a backup detection system senses a garbage can, debris, another vehicle, pole or obstruction, the wheel will first glow yellow and then read along with the appropriate stopping vibration.

Front Park Assist Notification – when the front sensors detect an object or obstruction the front of the vehicle while parking along with traditional auditory and/or headunit screen notification, the SteerClear Wheel glows yellow, then red and pulses a warning.

Perpendicular and Parallel Park Assitance – for vehicles without the auto steer feature to help with parallel parking and/or perpendicular backing into space parking the ClearSteer Wheel lights and vibrates in the correct steering direction get into the parking spot.parkingautos-214033_1280

Valet Parking Limitations – the finger print sensor will allow for valet parking with limitations that are programmed into the vehicle. In order to allow valet parking the driver has a secret code that allows for someone else to drive the vehicle for a limited number of times. When the vehicle’s computer detects a valet parking attendant is driving the car, the top speed will be limited and notifications can be sent to the owner via text message.