ADAS Features and the SteerClear Wheel

There are many new ADAS warnings that can be  communicated through the SteerClear Wheel. In the our briefing of specifications we show how lane departure  and forward collision warnings work with the SteerClear wheel.  There are more possible ADAS warnings that can alert drivers through the SteerClear Wheel Rear Cross-Traffic Alert or Rear Cross Pass … Read more

SteerClear Wheel Website Launched

After months of designing and writing, the SteerClear Wheel website is now launched. It features all aspects and information about the SteerClear Wheel including: Background why we need the SteerClear Wheel. Supporting data, demographics and statistics. Drawings, details and specifications of the SteerClear Wheel. About Steer ClearWheel Contact Page. News Page. Sitemap/Archives to show how … Read more

SteerClear Wheel on Twitter

We are please to announce that SteerClear Wheel is now on Twitter @SteerClearWheel. You will find details of news, features and events regarding the SteerClear Wheel. You can also view our Tweets below the posts and information you see on the SteerClear Wheel homepage. We understand that many people like Twitter because it is short, … Read more